The 8 Step Email Marketing Pre-Deployment Checklist

Imagine you’re about to send out an email campaign to your entire email list and you’ve crafted up a fantastic email with eye-catching design elements and well-written copy. You’ve made several rounds of edits and you think it’s perfect. You hit send and the email goes out.

A few minutes later, your inbox starts popping off with co-workers and even customers replying telling you that there was an error in the email. You start to panic and your hands are sweating. You re-read the email and see that there is indeed a typo in the very first sentence, the images aren’t loading properly, and the CTA links are broken.

Instant regret sinks in and you want to leap out of your chair and hit the CTRL+Z key until you’re back in time to fix it, but it’s too late. The damage is done. 

We’re here to help you completely avoid situations like this with our ultimate email marketing pre-deployment checklist.


The 8 Step Email Marketing Pre-Deployment Checklist

Send yourself and a co-worker a preview test email and you go through the following checks:

  1. Email landed in the inbox and not spam.
  2. Confirm that the sender name, subject line and preheader text are all aligned with the brand.
  3. Open the email and ensure your message displays well across mobile, desktop, and other devices.
  4. Ensure that the load time of the email is no longer than 3 seconds.
  5. Click on every link and verify that each one is going to the correct destination.
  6. Confirm that no images are broken and ALT text is in place.
  7. Check the spelling and grammar of all the copy.
  8. Ensure there is an unsubscribe link in the email.

It’s not hard to do. All it takes is one typo and you’re the laughing stock of your email list. It might seem like an innocent mistake, but it can damage your brand reputation and impact your customer relationships. That’s why we suggest you take a few extra minutes to go through this checklist before sending out any email campaigns.

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