Resend Campaign To Non-Openers – 3 Step Process To Drive Additional Revenue From Campaigns


If you’re an ecommerce brand that sends email campaigns to your subscribers then this blog is for you. 

Whether you just sent a campaign that killed it and exceeded all expectations or it completely fell flat and didn’t get the sales you were looking for, there is a secret weapon that email marketers can use to generate additional revenue from ANY email campaign that’s already gone out. The way we do this is by resending a campaign to non-openers. Meaning the subscribers who never saw the email in the first place, allowing you to get the most juice out of your squeeze.

The reason we only resend the email to non-openers and not the entire email list is because customers who have already seen it often get annoyed because it seems spammy, and it would also make them less likely to engage with future emails if they think all the emails get repeated anyway.

Here is the 3-step process on how to generate this additional revenue:

Step 1: Create an engaged segment 

Firstly, you need to create a segment with the following conditions: (I will use the word ‘EXAMPLE’ as a replacement for whatever your campaign name is)

Someone who has received an email at least once over all time where campaign name equals EXAMPLE


Someone who has opened an email zero times over all time where campaign name equals EXAMPLE


Someone who has clicked email zero times over all time where campaign name equals EXAMPLE

The reason we use these conditions is because for the campaign you are resending to, this will include all those who have received the email, but haven’t clicked or opened that email.


Step 2: Clone The Campaign

Go to the campaign you want to resend, click the three dots, and then click Clone. Once you’ve done this, select the segment you created in step 1 and click “Create Copy of Campaign”. This will take you through all the content and sending details which you can leave as normal until you get to the subject line.


Step 3: Change The Subject Line 

Changing the subject line is vital because if your audience didn’t open the first email, your subject line may not have been as enticing for them. Here you can create another variation of that subject line to get them to open.

Lastly, you just need to schedule your send and once that is complete, wait for all that extra cash to roll in. 😎



A big disclaimer with resending campaigns to non-openers is that you don’t want to do this too often as this can severely impact your domain reputation and email deliverability. Hence we recommend doing this no more than once a month to ensure you get that balance between maintaining a healthy email domain, and having small boosts in your email revenue.

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