How To Create An Effective Site Abandonment Email

After working with countless eCommerce brands, the biggest issue I found when it came to auditing their abandoned flows was the lack of a site abandonment flow.

The Site Abandonment flow is triggered when someone subscribes to your list and is active on your website, but doesn’t view a product, doesn’t add to cart, doesn’t start the checkout, and doesn’t make a purchase. 

Yes, these are the prospects who are right at the top of the funnel and know the least about your brand, but if utilized correctly, this can start the process of nurturing these prospects into long-term, loyal customers.

The main aim of this flow should be focused on educating the customer on your brand and its mission. Crafting an email with information about your brand origins, your unique production process, or your community initiatives, is a great way for the customer to understand more about your brand and come back onto your website to take action.

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