How To Create An Effective Welcome Series Flow

The Welcome Series is arguably the most important series of emails your brand will send out. These are the first batch of emails your new subscribers receive when they opt in to your email list, and therefore, you need to ensure you have a well thought out strategy in place that covers all areas of your business. Here is our recommended strategy when it comes to your Welcome Series.


Email 1 – Welcome To The Family:

This email will primarily focus on welcoming the subscriber and introducing them to your brand. You don’t want to be too salesy here as this is the very first email they received. A good balance between a brand introduction, a thank you note, educational resources, and showcasing one or two products, is usually the best practice we have found. 

We send this email immediately after someone subscribes to the list and it generally outperforms all the other welcome emails by a large margin.

Subject Line Ideas:

  • Welcome to (brand name)
  • Welcome to the family!
  • Greetings from (brand name)
  • You’re in! Welcome to (brand name)


Email 2 – What Makes Us Different/Educational Based:

In this email, we shift our attention towards a more educational approach. Focusing on aspects such as your production/manufacturing process, unique quality standards, and the benefits of shopping with your brand vs your competitors, is a great direction to lean towards for this email. 

This email is usually sent 1-2 days after email 1, but you would want to test the optimal time delays to see if there is a noticeable difference in results.

Subject Line Ideas:

  • What makes us different?
  • Why choose (brand name)?
  • Learn more about us
  • Here’s our story


Email 3 – Best Sellers:

This is where we generally move towards a more promotional approach. Now with 2 emails already received by the subscriber, they have a better understanding of what they can expect, and what your brand stands for. It’s time to showcase your best-selling products and entice them to make a purchase. 

This email is usually sent 2 to 3 days after email 2. 

Subject Line Ideas:

  • Meet our best sellers
  • (brand name) best sellers
  • Explore our best sellers
  • Have you treated yourself lately?


Email 4 – Testimonials/Reviews:

Going into email 4, if a subscriber still hasn’t purchased, it may be a good idea to show some social proof. Here you can include anything from customer reviews, press releases, celebrity/brand endorsements, retail footprint, and anything else that builds credibility and trust with your audience. 

This email is usually sent 2 to 3 days after email 3.

Subject Line ideas:

  • Don’t just take our word for it
  • Our customers say it best
  • Hear what others have to say


Email 5 – Founder Story/Brand Origins:

The last email of this series is again educating your audience. In this email, you can focus mainly on the history of your brand or have a short story about how the brand was founded. This educates the customer on the reasons why the brand was created, and adds a human element to the brand. You can also add a community element to this email asking your audience to follow your socials. 

This email is usually sent 3 to 4 days after email 4.

Subject Line Ideas:

  • Meet the Founder of (brand name)
  • The (brand name) story
  • Our story
  • Meet (founder name), the founder of (brand name)
  • Meet our team



Welcome series is one of the most effective and important automations that any eCommerce brand can have. Not executing a well thought out strategy can result in an immense loss of revenue and it can leave a bad impression on your subscribers who are expecting a beautifully crafted series.

When someone subscribes to your list, you have a brief period of time where these subscribers are most engaged, giving you the opportunity to educate them as much as possible about your brand and promote your products. 

With this breakdown, it should make it easier for you to build out your Welcome Series and start generating revenue from new subscribers on autopilot!

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